CX Management & Trainings


Upskill your team in the important area of customer experience, with over 25 hours of live lessons across a range of experience levels.

The Training covers: - Defining customer needs - Using data to understand customer experience - Developing a path to purchase that drives customer satisfaction - Customer journey mapping - User research and usability testing - Customer experience analytics - Voice of customer and CSAT

Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping the Customer Journey gives you a practical approach to identifying and meeting your customer’s needs using customer journey maps. At the end of this plan, you’ll be able to ask the right questions, research and map a present- and future-state customer journey.

This training plan contains six courses: - Introduction to Customer journey mapping - Preparing for customer journey mapping - Building a current-state customer journey map - Connecting data analytics to customer experience - Building a future-state customer journey map - Using customer journey maps

Defining Customer Needs

Defining Customer Needs gives you a practical approach to identifying unmet customer needs through in-depth research and data analysis. At the end of this plan, you’ll be able define your brand positioning around your customer’s needs.

This training plan contains five courses: - Introduction to defining customer needs - Knowing your customers and defining their needs - Optimising the research mix - How to conduct usability testing - Using CX analytics, goal setting, and applying the HEART framework